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Action Item #1 - feedback from IP Advisory committee

In the meeting was concerns about using the Eclipse P2 mechanisms to distribute Vendor SDKs.

Dino to provide update from IP Advisory committee

Action Item #2 - Pulsa Roadmap

Dino to lead formation of Pulsar Roadmap team responsible for creating and maintaining a roadmap document/wiki. Dino and Christian to put strawman on wiki. Need Volunteers to participate .

Action Item #8 - Provide a draft of the “Pulsar Guidelines for SDK providers”

This document would outline, the technical requirements, testing and support requirements, and delivery processes for each new release/update of an SDK. Include a checklist with criteria to add new sdk providers.

[gep]: the draft is available at SDK Provider Guidlines

Action Item #10 - provide a description (and effort estimate) for a minimal QuickInstall view for the Phase 1 beta release

There would be no Pulsar server (embedded URLs). Could add links to SDK providers’ sites for developer log-ins.

[gep]: the draft requirements is available at this link. I also added a draft high level design document that helps to understand how to implement the quickinstall. This document is available here

About the effort estimation, that can change based on the expertiese of the developers. But probably it is around:

- UI: 1 staff / 2months;

- Core: 1 staff/ 2 month.

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