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New and Noteworthy - EMF-IncQuery 1.1.0

Xtext 2.9 Support

We are using the latest and greatest of Xtext, so in order to specify queries in EMF-IncQuery 1.1.0, you will need Xtext 2.9 dependencies installed. This also means that you can take advantage of Xtext 2.9 features when building on top of EMF-IncQuery 1.1.0.

Local search improvements

Surrogate query support

Surrogate queries in 1.0 were registered using an extension defined in org.eclipse.incquery.patternlanguage.emf plug-in. However, this proved problematic as this causes surrogate registration depending on the patternlanguage.emf plug-in.

To handle this issue, another extension definition was created in org.eclipse.incquery.runtime, and the old version is deprecated. Every user of the surrogate query extension should migrate to the new version. There are no syntactic or semantic changes in the new version. For compatibility reason, both the new and the old extensions are considered for loading.

Maven builder enhancements

When running the IncQuery Maven plugin, you might get an error saying Cyclic linking detected (see bug 464120). A workaround has been introduced for this in 1.1: see for details.

Dependency changes

We have removed re-exports of Guava and some other plugins (Xtext and related libraries), if you run into any problems, read the migration guide.

Bug fixes

See for a full list.

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