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In the EMF-IncQuery preferences you can change IncQuery specific settings. You can turn on Wildcard mode or Dynamic EMF mode, or you can just change the settings of the Query Editor.


Here we can set the settings of generated files (also for project scope).

  • Compiler
    • General
      • isActivated: you can temporarily disable the compiler if you are using large query projects with many query definition files and you want to speed up query debugging via the Query Explorer.
    • Output folder
      • Directory (./src-gen)
      • Create directory, if it doesn'exist
      • Overwrite existing files
      • Mark generated files as derived
      • Delete generated files when clean build is triggered
      • Clean whole directory, when clean build is triggered
      • Ignore generated Java source when debugging (Use for Android)
      • Keep local history for generated files
  • Configure Project Specific Settings


  • Query Explorer
    • Wildcard mode: Settable on the EMF-IncQuery preference settings page: in wildcard mode, every aspect of the EMF model is automatically indexed, as opposed to only indexing model elements and features relevant to the currently registered patterns; thus patterns can be registered and unregistered without re-traversing the model. This is typically useful during query development. Turn off wildcard mode to decrease the memory usage while working with very large models.
    • Dynamic EMF mode: In Dynamic EMF mode types are identified by the String IDs that are ultimately derived from the nsURI of the EPackage. Multiple types with the same ID are treated as the same. This is useful if Dynamic EMF is used where there can be multiple copies (instantiations) of the same EPackage, representing essentially the same metamodel.
  • Query Editor: Here we can set query editor specific settings.
    • Refactoring
      • Save all modified resources automatically prior to refactoring
      • Rename in editor without dialog if possible
    • Syntax coloring: Query editor styling
      • Choosing item type
        • Color
        • Background
        • Style
        • Font
    • Templates (predefinied styling)
      • Create, Edit, Remove
      • Export, Import
      • Preview

Refactoring.png Coloring.png Templates.png

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