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EMF/Validation/New and Noteworthy/Galileo

EMF Validation Framework New and Noteworthy items for the 1.3 (Galileo) release.

For more details about the development plan, see the EMF Galileo draft plan.

Milestone 3

This milestone was completed on Wednesday, 5 November 2008.

Client Context Extension

Enhancements in the org.eclipse.emf.validation.constraintBindings extension point allow client applications now to specifically extend the client-context of another application, with additional control over constraint bindings. Now, a client application can:

  • include all of the constraints available in another application's client-context, by specifying a <extendClientContext> element referencing the extended context ID
  • exclude all constraints in a category using the new <excludeCategory> element, that would otherwise have been "inherited" either by category nesting or by extension of another client-context
  • exclude a single constraint using the new <excludeConstraint> element
  • mix and match inclusion and exclusion filters to better control the pool of constraints applicable in your application. Inclusions and exclusions within a single <binding> element are applied in the order in which they appear

Dynamic Extension Additions

A contribution from Artem Tikhomirov of the GMF team got the ball rolling to implement some degree of dynamic-awareness in the EMF Validation Framework extension points. Now, dynamic additions of extensions on all org.eclipse.emf.validation.* extension points are supported.

Other Enhancements

A complete list of the enhancement requests resolved in this milestone can be found here.

Milestone 2

This milestone was completed on Wednesday, 24 September 2008.

Problem Marker Enhancements

A contribution from Damien Thivolle greatly improves the management of workspace resource markers that track problems found by batch validation. The MarkerUtil now has updateMarkers(...) utilities of the same form as the older createMarkers(...) API, which in addition to creating markers will also perform incremental updates, removing markers for problems that were fixed. Accuracy of the results depends on a new OPTION_TRACK_RESOURCES validation option (see below) to track which resources are validated in any given operation. This is a non-default option because tracking resources incurs a new overhead, resulting in a non-trivial performance hit.

Validation Options

The resource-tracking option defined above is just a special case of a more general validation option construct embodied by the new IValidator.Option class. This gives the Validation Framework increased flexibility in extending the validator API for customizability. Several existing properties of the validator interfaces are retro-fitted as options to allow clients to separate the configuration of validators from other concerns.

Other Enhancements

A complete list of the enhancement requests resolved in this milestone can be found here.

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