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EMF/Teneo 1.0/New and Noteworthy


Teneo 1.0.0 is the first mature release of Teneo, it combines all new features and changes since the first (incubation) release of Teneo. Teneo 1.0.0 is available as part of Ganymede and also separately on the EMF site.

Overview of features of this release

  • Generation of (in-memory) JDO and Hibernate Mappings on the basis of ecore models
  • Full coverage of JPA specification
  • Extensive automatic JPA annotation generation
  • Support for JPA annotations in the Model as Eannotations for manual override of default behavior
  • Support for JPA model annotations in separate xml for manual override of default behavior
  • Advanced Relational Resource Implementations
  • Support for most (if not all) EMF Features
  • Support for many XML Schema Constructs
  • Support for Dynamic EMF Models
  • Support for persisting Ecore Models
  • Support and integration with GMF
  • Implementation of Extension Mechanism for easy override of parts of Teneo
  • Support for the EJB3 EntityManager
  • Integration with CDO

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