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EMF/EMF 2.5/Activities Example


In EMF 2.5, the EMF/XSD Activities example has been modified so that it can be reused to meet the Capabilities requirement for Galileo. This change was recorded as bug 270528 and first appears in the I200904071800 integration build. For those following just the milestone builds, it will appear first in M7. Only consumers of EMF examples will be affected.

Note: this change has been rolled back. See Update, below.


The categories, activity-category bindings, and default enablement declarations have been removed from org.eclipse.emf.activities (and the activity IDs have changed for good measure, too). This is good for flexibility, since it makes the plug-in useful in a product that wants to define these things itself (and indeed, it is used directly in Galileo). But it also makes the plug-in somewhat less useful on its own.

In particular, if used on its own, this plug-in will hide all of EMF's UI, and no explicit means of enabling it will appear in the Eclipse Capabilities preferences (though the Enable All button will do the trick).


This example plug-in is not shipped as part of the EMF runtime or SDK, and is not included in any EMF features in coordinated releases. Galileo will include the plug-in, for the first time, as part of the org.eclipse.galileo feature, which augments it with the categories and enablement required to make it useful.

It has never been recommended to include any EMF example plug-ins unchanged in products (except org.eclipse.emf.example.installer and org.eclipse.xsd.example.installer, which provide workspace-installable versions), so this change isn't expected to have much impact.


The impact of this change was much greater than anticipated, as it turns out many EMF users install the examples in their platform installation. As a result, this change is rolled back in RC1, and a separate capabilities plug-in has been created for Galileo.

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