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EGit/User Guide/Sharing

Adding a project to version control

Select the project node of the project to be added to version control


Execute "Team" -> "Share Project" on the project node


Select repository type "Git" and click "Next"


To configure the Git repository select the new Eclipse project HelloWorld


Click "Create" to initialize a new Git repository for the HelloWorld project. If your project already resides in the working tree of an exisiting GIT repository the repository is chosen automatically.


Click "Finish" to close the wizard.

The decorator text "[master]" behind the project shows that this project is tracked in a repository on the master branch and the question mark decorators show that the ".classpath" and ".project" files are not yet under version control


Select "Team" -> "Add to version control" on the project node


The plus decorators show that now the ".classpath" and ".project" files are added to version control


Create a file .gitignore in the project folder with the following content:


This excludes the bin folder from GIT's list of untracked files. Add .gitignore to version control.

Create a new empty Git Repository

This is currently not possible with EGit. You have to create a project first and to share it afterwards. The Share Project Wizard supports creation of Git repositories (see Adding a project to version control).

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