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The EGit project proposal has been accepted. Please visit the project page.

Relation to other Eclipse projects and other open source projects

  • Git - The fast distributed SCM
  • JGit - a pure Java implementation of Git licensed under a BSD style license.
  • Eclipse Linux project: there is natural affinity between Git and Linux, since it is the SCM of choice for the Linux kernel
  • Eclipse platform team support and existing providers:
    • CVS team provider
    • SVN team provider
  • Eclipse PDE build: to provide a Git adapter for PDE build fetching from Git repositories
    • Looks like we want an ant task for this
  • Mylyn - a Task based IDE that provides privileged integration with Eclipse-supported team providers . A possible integration with EGit could be considered.
  • Buckminster - A build and assembly framework. Needs to know about git to be able to clone projects

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