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EGit/New and Noteworthy/4.0



  • Extend EGit to support git-flow [1] to automate git branching workflow
  • Introduce internal API to integrate Team merging to prepare support for model merge
  • Wizard for invoking automated project import
  • Prevent Git Staging view to lose data when precommit hook aborts commit
  • Show message dialog when hook aborts commit
  • Java templates variables for Git config variables


Usability Improvements

  • Sort branches in "Push to Gerrit" wizard case insensitive
  • Automatic wildcard matching in "Add Git repositories" dialog
  • Make PushResultDialog non-modal
  • Properly style PushResultDialog in dark theme
  • Fix styling of staging view and commit dialog for dark theme
  • Add interactive rebase tooltip descriptions
  • Raise warning if second line of commit message isn't empty
  • Add sash to PushResultTable to allow resizing text field used to display push message
  • Avoid blinking cursor in merge result dialog
  • Accept git clone command as URI in clone wizard
  • Close commit editor after deleting stash
  • Consider different users and repo suffixes in project import
  • Make welcome page contribution more consistent

Performance Improvements

  • Use image descriptors cache for external programs
  • Optimizations for GitResourceDeltaVisitor visit()
  • Fix ResourceUtil performance on big repositories/workspaces
  • Allow to switch the branch sequence off in the commit message viewer

Build and release engineering

  • Update minimum required Java version to Java 7
  • Update build to use eclipse-jarsigner-plugin 1.1.2
  • Update to Jetty 9.2.10
  • Update to javax.servlet 3.1
  • Oomph configuration to setup Eclipse for EGit contributors
  • Update build to use Tycho 0.23.0

Bug Fixes

40 Bugs and 5 enhancement requests were closed


The following 21 developers worked on this release:

Andrey Loskutov, Christian Georgi, Christian Halstrick, Chris Rebert, Dani Megert, Erwin van Eyk, Fabio Zadrozny, Gunnar Wagenknecht, Jon Ander Peñalba, Kyle J. Harms, Lars Vogel, Laurent Delaigue, Laurent Goubet, Markus Keller, Matthias Sohn, Max Hohenegger, Michael Mathews, Michael Keppler, Mickael Istria, Radim Hopp, rnveach

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