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EGit/New and Noteworthy/0.9

Synchronize View

The synchronize view (via Team->Synchronize...) and changesets are now supported.


You can also perform synchronize operations (e.g., from a tag) from the Git Repositories view.

Improved Merge Support

In EGit 0.8 fast-forward merging was only supported.
Now, full resolve merge support is offered via Team->Merge...


.gitignore Support

EGit now respects .gitignore entries

History View Improvements

The history view had its usability improved. Furthermore, it now allows checkout and branch from history items.


Repositories View Improvements

The Repositories View was enhanced to support checkout, branch, merge, tag, synchronize operations and repository creation and deletion.
Branches can now be displayed hierarchically or in a flat layout.


Git Configuration Editor

EGit now provides an editor to edit the global git configuration


and the repository-specific git configuration



0.9.3 Changelog in gitweb

There were 348 commits total!

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