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EGit/New and Noteworthy/0.12


Cherry-pick Conflict Handling Support

Cherry-pick now properly supports conflict handling. Conflicts can be resolved using conflict markers in the file (displayed below) or using the EGit Merge Tool. The original commit message is also preserved, including a listing of files that had conflicts.


Gerrit Configuration from Clone Wizard

A new wizard page simplifies push configuration for code review and automatically configures adding a Gerrit Change-Id: footer to commits if you are cloning a repository from Gerrit Code Review.


Preference for inserting Signed-off-by automatically

There is a new preference to automatically add your Signed-off-by: footer to all your commits.

Repository Configuration in Preferences

You may now edit the repository configuration from a new preference page.


Configurable Date Format and Change Set Labels in Synchronize View

In the Synchronize View date format and change set labels are now configurable.

New Toolbar and Menu Actions

  • "Expand All" Button has been added to Synchronize View Tool Bar
  • "Commit..." action has been added to context menu in Repositories View
  • A new "Switch to ..." sub-menu simplifies checking out branches from the team menu


Enhancements "Compare With"

  • "Compare With > HEAD Revision" is now available for folders and projects
  • Compare with symbolic Refs (e.g. FETCH_HEAD) has been added


Simplify Fetch and Push Wizard

The simplified fetch and push wizard pages are now also used for remote configuration in the Repositories View.


Pull for Multiple Repositories

You may now run the pull action simultaneously for multiple selected repositories, either from the Git Repositories View or by selecting the projects in the Project Explorer.


Performance Improvements

Performance of History View was enhanced

Bugs Closed

87 bugs and 21 enhancement requests were closed.


EGit 0.12 - commits in gitweb

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