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EGit/New and Noteworthy/0.10

Pull Support

EGit now supports Pull for branches which are configured to track remote branches. When local branches are created based on a remote tracking branch EGit will automatically establish a tracking relationship.

Rebase Support

EGit now supports Rebase with options to abort, skip, and continue when rebase finds conflicts .


When conflicts are detected during rebase the following dialog presents the options how to proceed


Cherry-pick Support

EGit now supports Cherry-pick


Merge Tool

EGit now supports a visual merge tool to better support resolving conflicts detected during merge, rebase or cherry-pick


Synchronize View - Local Changes in Changeset Mode

EGit now shows current working tree and index status in changeset mode.


Those two nodes will only appear when "Include local uncommited changes in comparison" option was selected in synchronization dialog and when there are any staged or locally made changes.

HTTP Authentication

EGit now supports HTTP basic and digest authentication. This helps users sitting behind firewalls which often block git: and ssh: traffic. User credentials can be optionally stored in the Eclipse Secure Store.

Repositories View Improvements

Drag and Drop Support

The repositories view now supports drag and drop. You can drag a folder or a list of folders from the file system into the Repositories View. If the folders are a valid Git repository or a direct parent of a .git folder, they will be added as a repository to the view.

Support for References

The Repositories View now displays References like HEAD, FETCH_HEAD and provides corresponding checkout and create branch menu actions. Egit-0.10-repoview-refsupport.png

History View Enhancements

The History View coding has been cleaned up, this yields some performance improvements.
Also some menu actions have been added on the commit list's context menu.


Auto-wrapping Commit Messages

The EGit commit dialog can now auto-wrap the commit message.

PDE Build Fetch Factory

In the org.eclipse.egit.fetchfactory plug-in TODO

Bugs Closed

74 EGit Bugs have been closed since 0.9


EGit 0.10 - commits in gitweb

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