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EGit/Mapping Git Commands

add: "Add to Index" toolbar/menubar item to add all changes in selected files. "Team -> Add to Index" to add all changes in selected files. Drag-and-drop in "Git Staging" view Drag-and-drop in "Synchronization" view. "Compare With.." to stage or unstage line-by-line

annotate: "Team -> Show in Annotations"

branch: "Checkout"/"Switch To" toolbar/menubar item to list, create, rename and delete local branches and remote-references. toolbar of Commit views to create a branch from that commit right-click menu of commits listed in history

checkout: "Checkout"/"Switch To" toolbar/menubar item to checkout a local branch. "Replace With..." to checkout a single file. right-click menu of commits listed in history or reflog right-click menu of branches in "Git Repositories" view toolbar of Commit views

cherry-pick: right-click menu of commits listed in history. toolbar of Commit views

clone: toolbar of Git Repositories" view

commit: "Commit" toolbar/menubar item "Team -> Commit" "Commit" toolbar in "Git Staging" view

config: "Properties" view Preferences: "Team -> Git" "Team -> Remote -> Configure..."

diff: "Team -> Advanced -> Synchronize" to compare branches "Team -> Synchronize Workspace" to compare working tree to HEAD "Compare With" for specific files double-click items in either "Git Staging" changes windows

fetch: "Fetch changes from upstream" toolbar/menubar "Team -> Fetch changes from upstream"

gui: "Git Staging" view

init: toolbar of Git Repositories" vi

log: "Team -> Show in history"

merge: "Team -> Merge"

mv: Implicit when file is renamed

pull: "Pull" toolbar/menubar item "Team -> Pull"

push: "Push to Upstream" toolbar/menubar item default push "Team -> Push to Upstream" ditto "Team -> Push..." for explicit push

rebase: "Rebase" toolbar/menubar item "Team -> Rebase"

reflog: "Git Reflog" view

remote: "Team -> Remote" "Branches -> Remote Tracking" in "Git Repositories" view

reset: "Reset" toolbar/menubar item to reset a branch "Team -> Reset" ditto

revert: right-click menu of commits listed in history.

rm: implicit when file is deleted

status: implicit in decorations, "Git Staging View"

tag: "Team -> Advanced -> Tag...", annotated tags only toolbar of Commit views, ditto

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