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EGit also provides tools for integrating with GitHub and Mylyn tasks.

Obtaining Sources

  • File > Import > Git > Git Repository
  • Enter URI:
  • Import projects
  • Download dependencies:
    • automagically: open file in the Eclipse project org.eclipse.mylyn.github-feature and select 'Set as Target Platform'.


EGit GitHub builds run on via Hudson using


Nightly builds can be obtained via our p2 repository:


The EGit GitHub project sources its documentation from the wiki and generates Eclipse help content from it (under the covers, we are using Mylyn WikiText to make this possible). This significantly lowers the barrier for people to contribute documentation to the EGit project. To contribute documentation, simply modify the EGit GitHub User's Guide. Have a look at the Style Guidelines and Eclipse Documentation Style Guide to get some guidance on how to write good documentation. More on that can be found here.

The documentation is contained in the org.eclipse.mylyn.github.doc plug-in. The build-helper.xml drives the generation of the help content. It is integrated into the maven build. The regular maven build of org.eclipse.mylyn.github.doc

$ mvn clean install 

will only package the help content committed to the egit-github repository. To update the help content by downloading the latest documentation from the wiki run

$ mvn clean install -Dupdate.doc

Don't forget to check all the generated help pages and especially all hyperlinks and images before pushing the updated help to the code review system for inclusion into the continuous build.

The aim is to generate new documentation every month or so (or at least before a new version is released). If you're making big changes or want the documentation refreshed, please let us know on the egit-dev mailing list.

Contributing Patches

We accept patches via our Gerrit instance:

Install the commit-msg hook in your repository:

cd path/to/egit-github
scp -p -P 29418 .git/hooks/

Since git can have multiple remotes, you can define one to be used to refer to Gerrit to save typing. Inside of a checked out repository:

cd path/to/egit-github
git config ssh://
git config HEAD:refs/for/master

You can now submit review requests from either repository using:

git push review

To learn more about contributing patches to Gerrit, see the main EGit Contributor Guide.

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