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What is Git?

Git is a distributed SCM/VCS, which means every developer has a full copy of all history of every revision of the code, making queries against the history very fast and versatile. The EGit project is implementing Eclipse tooling on top of a Java implementation of Git.

What is JGit?

JGit is a EDL/BSD licensed, lightweight, pure Java library implementing the Git version control file access routines, network protocols, and core version control algorithms.

What is EGit?

EGit is an EPL licensed Eclipse Team provider for Git, built on top of JGit.

What is New and Noteworthy?

You can find the latest changes for EGit and JGit below:

Where can I find older releases of EGit?

It's recommended to use the latest released version of EGit, which is always available in this p2 repository (update site): In case you need an older version, try an older repository, the following table lists the stable URL of all released EGit p2 repositories.

Note: open the p2 repository URL from the Eclipse installation wizard (Help > Install New Software) and add it as a new "Software Site". You may use the p2 browser to inspect the content of a p2 repository. always contains the latest release (marked with green background)

Release Version Release Date p2 repository URL browse p2 repository download p2 repository*) 2023-09-13 updates-6.7*) 2023-09-03 updates-6.6.1 2023-06-14 updates-6.6 2023-03-15 updates-6.5 2022-12-07 updates-6.4 2022-09-14 updates-6.3 2022-06-15 updates-6.2 2022-03-16 updates-6.1 2021-12-08 updates-6.0 2021-09-15 updates-5.13 2021-06-16 updates-5.12 2021-05-14 updates-5.11.1 2021-03-17 updates-5.11 2020-12-16 updates-5.10 2020-09-16 updates-5.9 2020-07-14 updates-5.8.1 2020-06-17 updates-5.8 2020-03-18 updates-5.7 2020-02-13 updates-5.6.1 2019-12-18 updates-5.6 2019-10-04 updates-5.5.1 2019-09-18 updates-5.5 2019-08-23 updates-5.4.2 2019-06-19 updates-5.4 2019-03-20 updates-5.3 2018-12-19 updates-5.2 2018-09-19 updates-5.1.1 2018-09-19 updates-5.1 2018-09-09 updates-5.0.3 2018-07-31 updates-5.0.2 2018-06-22 updates-5.0.1 2018-06-27 updates-5.0 2018-03-08 updates-4.11 2017-12-30 updates-4.10 2017-12-15 updates-4.9.2 2017-12-03 updates-4.9.1 2017-10-04 updates-4.9 2017-06-28 updates-4.8 2017-04-05 updates-4.7.1 2017-04-05 updates-4.7 2017-03-08 updates-4.6.1 2016-12-23 updates-4.6 2016-09-21 updates-4.5 2016-07-15 updates-4.4.1 2016-06-22 updates-4.4 2016-05-05 updates-4.3.1 2016-04-06 updates-4.3 2016-01-21 updates-4.2 2015-11-13 updates-4.1.1 2015-09-28 updates-4.1 2015-09-23 updates-4.0.3 2015-09-14 updates-4.0.2 2015-06-24 updates-4.0.1 2015-06-24 updates-4.0 2015-04-26 updates-3.7.1 2015-02-22 updates-3.7 2015-01-21 updates-3.6.2 2015-01-03 updates-3.6.1 2014-12-23 updates-3.6 2014-12-19 updates-3.5.3 2014-11-12 updates-3.5.2 2014-10-14 updates-3.5.1 2014-09-24 updates-3.5 2014-12-19 updates-3.4.2 2014-06-23 updates-3.4.1 2014-06-18 updates-3.4 2014-04-17 updates-3.3.2 2014-03-25 updates-3.3.1 2014-02-28 updates-3.3 2013-12-18 updates-3.2 2013-10-02 updates-3.1 2013-09-17 updates-3.0.3 2013-07-15 updates-3.0.1 2013-06-26 updates-3.0 2013-03-01 updates-2.3 2012-12-20 updates-2.2 2012-09-26 updates-2.1 2012-06-27 updates-2.0 2012-02-17 updates-1.3 2011-12-23 updates-1.2 2011-09-22 updates-1.1 N/A 2011-06-22 updates-1.0 N/A
0.12.1 (Incubation) 2011-05-03 updates-0.12 N/A
0.11.3 (Incubation) 2011-02-21 updates-0.11 N/A
0.10.1 (Incubation) 2010-12-17 updates-0.10 N/A
0.9.3 (Incubation) 2010-09-17 updates-0.9 N/A
0.8.4 (Incubation) 2010-06-14 updates-0.8 N/A

The project follows a pattern of<version> for its sites.

Since 3.0 P2 repositories are also deployed to


  • CVE-2023-4759 is fixed in JGit 6.6.1 and 6.7.0, included in EGit 6.6.1 and 6.7.0.

Retention Policy

All release p2 repositories will be kept forever.

Latest builds of EGit

Version target simultaneous release version p2 repository URL browse p2 repository
master branch - 6.8.0-SNAPSHOT 2023-12 (4.30.0) updates-nightly
stable-6.7 branch - 6.7.1-SNAPSHOT 2023-09 (4.29.0) updates-stable-nightly

What versions of Eclipse does EGit target?

In general EGit promises to support at least the latest two Eclipse releases.

If possible we will not prevent usage in older releases but if we want to take advantage of new functionality only available in one of the latest two Eclipse releases but not in older releases we will update dependencies which will in fact discontinue support for older releases.

EGit Contained in release train Supported Version of Eclipse
6.8.0-SNAPSHOT Eclipse 4.30 (2023-12) Eclipse 4.26 + (2022-12) Eclipse 4.29 (2023-09) Eclipse 4.26 + (2022-12) Eclipse 4.26 + (2022-12) Eclipse 4.28 (2023-06) Eclipse 4.26 + (2022-12) Eclipse 4.27 (2023-03) Eclipse 4.17 + (2020-09) Eclipse 4.26 (2022-12) Eclipse 4.17 + (2020-09) Eclipse 4.25 (2022-09) Eclipse 4.17 + (2020-09) Eclipse 4.24 (2022-06) Eclipse 4.17 + (2020-09) Eclipse 4.23 (2022-03) Eclipse 4.17 + (2020-09) Eclipse 4.22 (2021-12) Eclipse 4.17 + (2020-09) Eclipse 4.21 (2021-09) Eclipse 4.6 + (Neon) Eclipse 4.20 (2021-06) Eclipse 4.6 + (Neon) Eclipse 4.6 + (Neon) Eclipse 4.19 (2021-03) Eclipse 4.6 + (Neon) Eclipse 4.18 (2020-12) Eclipse 4.6 + (Neon(*)) Eclipse 4.17 (2020-09) Eclipse 4.6 + (Neon) Eclipse 4.6 + (Neon) Eclipse 4.16 (2020-06) Eclipse 4.6 + (Neon) Eclipse 4.15 (2020-03) Eclipse 4.6 + (Neon) Eclipse 4.6 + (Neon(*)) Eclipse 4.14 (2019-12-18) Eclipse 4.6 + (Neon(*)) Eclipse 4.6 + (Neon) Eclipse 4.13 (2019-09) Eclipse 4.6 + (Neon) Eclipse 4.6 + (Neon) Eclipse 4.12 (2019-06) Eclipse 4.6 + (Neon) Eclipse 4.11 (2019-03) Eclipse 4.6 + (Neon) Eclipse 4.10 (2018-12) Eclipse 4.5 + (Mars) Eclipse 4.5 + (Mars) Eclipse 4.9 (2018-09) Eclipse 4.5 + (Mars) Eclipse 4.4 + (Luna) Eclipse 4.4 + (Luna) Eclipse 4.4 + (Luna) Eclipse 4.8 (Photon) Eclipse 4.4 + (Luna) Eclipse 4.8 M6 (Photon M6) Eclipse 4.4 + (Luna) Eclipse 4.8 M5 (Photon M5) Eclipse 4.4 + (Luna) Eclipse 4.7.2 (Oxygen.2) and Eclipse 4.8 M4 (Photon M4) Eclipse 4.4 + (Luna) Eclipse 4.4 + (Luna) Eclipse 4.7 (Oxygen) Eclipse 4.4 + (Luna) Eclipse 4.4 + (Luna) Eclipse 4.4 + (Luna) Eclipse 4.6.3 (Neon.3), Eclipse 4.7 (Oxygen M6) Eclipse 4.4 + (Luna) Eclipse 4.7 (Oxygen M5) Eclipse 4.4 + (Luna) Eclipse 3.8.2/4.2.2 + (Juno) Eclipse 4.6.1, 4.6.2 (Neon.1, Neon.2) Eclipse 3.8.2/4.2.2 + (Juno) Eclipse 4.6 (Neon.0) Eclipse 3.8.2/4.2.2 + (Juno) Eclipse 3.8.2/4.2.2 + (Juno) Eclipse 4.6 M5 (Neon M5) Eclipse 3.8.2/4.2.2 + (Juno) Eclipse 4.5.2 (Mars.2) Eclipse 3.8.2/4.2.2 + (Juno) Eclipse 4.6 M2 (Neon M2) Eclipse 3.8.2/4.2.2 + (Juno) Eclipse 4.5.1 (Mars.1) Eclipse 3.8.2/4.2.2 + (Juno) Eclipse 3.8.2/4.2.2 + (Juno) Eclipse 3.8.2/4.2.2 + (Juno) Eclipse 4.5.0 (Mars) Eclipse 3.8.2/4.2.2 + (Juno) Eclipse 3.8.2/4.2.2 + (Juno) Eclipse 3.8.2/4.2.2 + (Juno) Eclipse 3.8.2/4.2.2 + (Juno) Eclipse 3.8.2/4.2.2 + (Juno) Eclipse 3.8.2/4.2.2 + (Juno) Eclipse 3.8.2/4.2.2 + (Juno) Eclipse 3.8.2/4.2.2 + (Juno) Eclipse 3.8.2/4.2.2 + (Juno) Eclipse 3.8.2/4.2.2 + (Juno), support for 3.8.2 was fixed see bug 438601 Eclipse 4.4.2 (Luna SR2) Eclipse 4.2.2 + (Juno) Eclipse 4.4.1 (Luna SR1) Eclipse 4.2.2 + (Juno) Eclipse 4.4 (Luna) Eclipse 4.2.2 + (Juno) Eclipse 3.8.2/4.2.2 + (Juno) Eclipse 3.8.2/4.2.2 + (Juno) 4.3.2 (Kepler SR2) Eclipse 3.8.2/4.2.2 + (Juno) Eclipse 3.8.2/4.2.2 + (Juno) 4.3.1 (Kepler SR1) Eclipse 3.8.2/4.2.2 + (Juno) 4.3.0 (Kepler) Eclipse 3.8.2/4.2.2 + (Juno) 3.8.2/4.2.2 (Juno SR2) Eclipse 3.7.2+ (Indigo) (except EGit Import Support feature, which is optional) 3.8.1/4.2.1 (Juno SR1) Eclipse 3.7.2+ (Indigo) (except EGit Import Support feature, which is optional) 3.8.1/4.2.1 (Juno SR1) Eclipse 3.5.2+ (Galileo) (except EGit Import Support feature, which is optional) 3.8/4.2 (Juno) Eclipse 3.5.2+ (Galileo) (except EGit Import Support feature, which is optional) 3.7.2 (Indigo SR2) Eclipse 3.5.2+ (Galileo) 3.7.2 (Indigo SR2) Eclipse 3.5.2+ (Galileo) 3.7.1 (Indigo SR1) Eclipse 3.5.2+ (Galileo) 3.7.0 (Indigo) Eclipse 3.5.2+ (Galileo)

Required Java Version (BREE):

  • Up to EGit 3.7 the minimum supported BREE is Java 5 though Java 6 or higher is recommended due to limitations in older Java versions.
  • Starting from EGit 4.0 the minimum supported BREE is Java 7
  • Starting from EGit 4.6 the minimum supported BREE is Java 8 and Eclipse 3.x support discontinues.
  • Starting from EGit 6.0 the minimum supported BREE is Java 11.

Compatible version of Git:
Compatibility is on a feature by feature basis. Currently the major version related difference is in how Git handles file names with non-ASCII file names. Git for Windows 1.7.10 and later encodes filenames in UTF-8 which is compatible with JGit. Git on Mac, v1.7.12 can encode filenames in a way that is compatible with EGit and Git for Windows if core.precomposeunicode is set to true. However EGit on OS X does not handle Unicode well.

What are the main differences between original Git and JGit(EGit)?

See this page Differences to Git

What is the mapping Git commands to EGit operations?

See this page Mapping Git Commands

How compatible is EGit with Git?

Some, but not all configuration options/features in Git are available in EGit/JGit. Here is a summary, not yet complete describing some of these, including notable differences. Note that the set of EGit/JGit is not based off a particular Git version.


config description
branch.autosetuprebase supported
branch.autosetupmerge supported
core.attributesFile supported
core.autocrlf Since 2.0 supports true,false and input. See the tutorial for notes about making sure EGit picks up the configuration.
core.bare supported
core.checkstat supported (2.3)
core.compression zlib compression level
core.excludesfile Contains ignore rules, in addition to .gitignore
core.filemode supported
core.ignorecase not supported
core.logallrefupdates supported
core.packindexversion version 1 and 2 supported
core.precomposeunicode Ignore. See Bug 413390
core.repositoryformatversion recognized, only "0" supported
core.safecrlf not supported
core.worktree supported in JGit, not EGit
diff.algorithm myers, histogram (default: histogram)
pack.indexVersion Default 2,-1 for older format supported supported

Supported in JGit, but no EGit usually amounts to having no or strange behavior would one attempt to use it in the Eclipse IDE.

Notes: For those that can read the source, look at for a hint on what options JGit recognizes. If it appears there, an option may be supported, but it may also mean for a few cases that JGit just looks for it and then explicitly tells the user the option is not supported. If it does not appear, it's most certainly up for grabs as a contribution. The file contains lots of config options that only applies to JGit (DFS, gerrit).


The following attributes are used by JGit/EGit. They can be used either inside a checked-in .gitattributes file, the file $GIT_DIR/info/attributes or in the file defined by the config constant core.attributesFile

attribute description
text supported
crlf supported
input supported
eol supported
binary supported
filter supported

Bug 342372 is meant to discuss problems regarding attributes.


JGit supports some environment variables. Do not set those for the Eclipse IDE. We'll list a few ones that may be used, but most apply only to using JGit from the command line.

variable description
GIT_CEILING_DIRECTORIES supported. Also EGit may be benefited when used with automounted file systems
GIT_DIR supported
GIT_INDEX_FILE supported
GIT_SSH plink, tortoiseplink

SSH config

JGit does its own parsing of the ~/.ssh/config file. It was written when OpenSSH 7.5 was current and may miss out on features added in newer OpenSSH version. It does not support the Match and Include directives. JGit does not validate when parsing like OpenSSH does, instead it validates items when they are used.

Which directives from the ssh config file are actually used depends on which SSH library is used. For instance, the JSch library uses only one (the first) of the UserKnownHostFiles, while the Apache MINA sshd library uses all of them. Neither JSch nor Apache MINA sshd use the GlobalKnownHostsFiles. ProxyCommand is not supported.

%-substitution is supported. With JSch, %u (and thus also %C) cannot be replaced. (With the Apache MINA sshd library, it can.) %i is not handled; Java has no concept of a "user ID". %T is always replaced by NONE.

Host name matching to find applicable directives follows the OpenSSH way, but JGit doesn't do host name canonicalization.

For documentation on the ~/.ssh/config file see the OpenBSD manual for ssh_config.

Location of the SSH config file

Eclipse lets the user define the SSH_HOME directory in the preferences under Preferences→General→Network Connections→SSH2, field "SSH2 home". Setting this to anything else but .ssh in your user home directory is going to be confusing, since it'll mean that JGit may use other settings than your command-line utilities. Moreover, the JSch library always uses ~/.ssh/config regardless of this setting. The Apache MINA sshd library uses the directory as configured in Eclipse.

It is strongly recommended to set this path to .ssh in your user home directory.

Using PuTTY Agent on Windows for SSH Keys

It is possible to use PuTTY's key management capabilities on Windows for EGit as well. For that you work you must install PuTTY and TortoiseGit. Then set GIT_SSH environment variable to c:\Programe Files\TortoiseGit\bin\TortoisePlink.exe.

Store SSH Key Passphrase in Mac Keyring

It is possible to store the SSH Key Passphrase in Mac's Keyring. However. EGit's internal SSH client does not support this. Thus, in order benefit from Keyring EGit must be configured to use the Mac vanilla SSH agent. This is possible by setting the GIT_SSH environment variable to /usr/bin/ssh.

 export GIT_SSH=/usr/bin/ssh

For OSX Mavericks see this Stackoverflow question for how to set environment variable for applications like Eclipse.

For OSX Yosemite see this Stackoverflow question for how to set environment variable for applications like Eclipse.

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