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EGerrit/New and Noteworthy/1.2

1.2 is being developed and is expected to be released mid-December 2016. You can find more about the on-going work at



  • Support for Gerrit 2.13


  • A new dialog gives you a quick access to the list of files in the active review making it faster to jump to the next file in the review.

After a checkout (or after activating the markers), use Ctrl+5 to get the dialog to open. Once the dialog opened, use Ctrl+5 and Ctrl+Shift+5 to go back and forth between the files. FilesFromActiveReview.png

  • Quick diff is automatically enabled allowing you to more easily see the changes in the file


  • Automatically refresh open editors when a related review changes

When a review is submitted, abandoned, rebased or restored, the related reviews opened in an editor will be automatically refreshed.

Compare Editor

  • Properly handle all the types of differences (change, rename, addition, deletion)
  • Compare editor now properly show all the differences for renamed files.

Bug fixes

  • The refresh button obtains a new copy of all the data from the server
  • Checkout dialog is smarter about how it handles the branches it proposes
  • Many small fixes to improve the stability

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