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EGerrit/New and Noteworthy/1.1

EGerrit 1.1 has been released as part of Neon.1 in September 2016. You can either obtain it from the Neon release repository, from the Eclipse MarketPlace or from The exact build number of this release is



  • Add keybindings and accelerators
  • Honor proxy settings of Eclipse
  • Checkout logic now searches for existing branches using the commit id and the change id improving the logic to find an existing branch


  • Add context menu to perform the most common operations (submit, download, rebase, ...) against the most recent patchset.
  • Completion for gerrit queries in the search area


  • Allow multiselect files in the files list
  • Completion in cherry-pick dialog

Compare editor

  • Allow for comparison of binaries (and images)
  • Display successive comments with on a different background color
  • Add a button to open the review editor from the compare editor
  • Add a button to go to the Next comment in the right editor
  • Add context menu in files list

Some of the bugs fixed

  • Proper UTF-8 support
  • Fix order of "related changes" table
  • Reply dialog wraps text
  • Improve review deletion
  • Draft comment still shows as draft after replying to review
  • Unable to add a new server with anonymous user (detail)
  • Fix problem when review is draft patchset

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