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EGF New And Noteworthy

EGF in Mars

EGF version for Mars (06/24/2015): EGF 1.3.0

EGF in Luna

EGF version for Luna (06/25/2014): EGF 1.2.0
EGF version for Luna (02/13/2015): EGF 1.2.1

EGF in Kepler

EGF version for Kepler (06/26/2013): EGF 1.1.0

EGF in Juno

EGF version for Juno (06/27/2012): EGF 1.0.0

EGF joint the Juno release train since Juno/M1

EGF graduated during the Juno release in June 2012. Report to the release and graduation review.

EGF in Indigo

EGF version for Indigo (06/22/2011): EGF 0.5.0
EGF version for Indigo_SR1 (09/24/2011): EGF 0.6.0
EGF version for Indigo_SR2 (02/23/2012): EGF 0.6.1

EGF joint the Indigo release train since Indigo/M3.

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