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On this page you will find most of the information necessary to retrieve and build the source code of EEF.


You can retrieve the source code using the [1](Git web interface). On this page, you will find all the tags and branches available in the project.


The project is built using a Hudson based continuous integration server. In a similar fashion has most Eclipse projects, EEF has its own dedicated [2](Hudson instance). On this instance, each major branch has a dedicated build and a gerrit based build for reviews specific to the branch.

You can build locally the EEF project with the command "mvn clean verify" on the pom.xml file located in the "releng/org.eclipse.eef.releng" project.


EEF uses the [3](Gerrit instance) of the Eclipse Foundation in order to manage its contribution. All the work of the committer is handled by this Gerrit instance along with external contributions.

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