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Bug 471625


At present, in the "New Server" wizard, there is a hyper link "Download additional server adapters". This requires the user to click on it which then pops a secondary wizard.

Old 01.png

Old 02.png

The suggested enhancement is to have this be populated automatically in the first wizard in the same tree viewer, when the check box "Download additional server adapters" is enabled (the check box is enabled by default).

The rest of the flow remains the same. This is to improve user visibility to the additional server adapters.

New Flow

The user can see available servers on the first wizard page. Servers that have not been downloaded will have a down arrow overlay icon on the server icon.

New 01.JPG

When you select a server node which has not been downloaded yet, information will be displayed and the Next button will be enabled.


On Click of Next Button, the server will be refreshed and provisioning will happen.


If the user is unable to install the server (e.g. the server adapter is not compatible with the current Eclipse), an error message will be shown in the Next page.


On Click of Back, Error Message will be shown on the Wizard and the Next Button will be disabled.

Install incompatible error.JPG

When the user clicks Next for a server which can be installed, they will see the license acceptance page.

New 02.png

After accepting the license terms, the user installation will begin with a progress dialog.

New 03.png

The user will be prompted to restart Eclipse to complete the installation.

New 04.png

Switching to Old Flow

User can switch to the old flow of New Server Wizard by unchecking "Show additional server adapters". This will remove the additional server adapters from the Server list and enable the link "Show additional server adapters". User can click on the link and continue to download and install additional server adapters.


Manual Cache Refresh

The list of downloadable server adapters is cached to avoid downloading it from the internet every time. When you click on a server adapter node, and click Next, it will refresh that particular server adapter. But there can be changes in the list of server adapters supported from a vendor. As it does not change frequently, working with cache works just fine for most of the scenarios. User can force the update of the cache by clicking on "Refresh" button. This feature will allow for new server adapters or changes to existing servers (e.g. name, description, etc.) to be updated in the cache. The refresh process will happen in the background to avoid freezing the UI. During the refresh,

  • the downloadable adapters will be removed from the list,
  • the "Refresh" button will be disabled during the refresh and will be enabled after the completion of the job,
  • user may exit the wizard or continue working with an installed server.

There is a plan to auto update the cache in the next release tracked by Bug 476492. Instead of "Refresh" user can also switch to old flow as mentioned in the above section and download additional server adapters as before.



Please post your questions and comments to the wtp-dev mailing list.

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