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EDT:0.7.0 Planning:Iteration 8

Notes from May 26 planning session:

Eclipse EDT Website

  • New & Noteworthy doc on Eclipse for EDT 1.0 (need by next Friday)
  • Web graphics
  • What language is currently supported, and what won't be supported in EDT (don't list the RBD baggage, but list the full domain of what we expect to support in open source EGL, and what is currently implemented
  • EGL blurb

Target line items - Bugzilla search

  • Core
    • system parts managed in an EGL project (bug 347039)
    • EGLARs built from the EGL project (bug 347046)
    • refactoring of compiler to separate system parts from compiler (bug 347042)
    • Compiler - front end needs to be designed - refactoring, validation framework, etc. and then tasked. (bug 347006)
  • IDE
  • Services
    • Implement REST service invocation for Javascript gen (bug 346144)
    • Implement a proxy for Javascript service invocation (bug 346145)
    • Implement XML support for Javascript generation (bug 346138)
  • Javascript
    • Code contribution - start the CQ process for the JavaScript runtime. We'll start with the entire RBD JS runtime, and then strip out anything that won't be needed in EDT. (bug 348120)
    • generating a RUI library, JavaScript generation in general. Open extensible architecture. Also looking at hooking into debug - this needs to be explored. Need to look at 'purifying' the RUI gen, removing the RBD-specific aspects.
      • Runtime architecture
      • Support for records (bug 346925)
      • Support for exceptions (bug 346924)
      • Templates
      • Universal UI model
      • Mobile strategy (later iteration?)
  • Javagen
  • Test framework
    • Develop conformance tests for a type and a statement (bug 347153)
    • create tooling to parse the test framework results (bug 347221)
  • Milestone 1 driver
    • Create a frozen milestone driver that represents function up through I7 (bug 347460) (what will be documented on the New & Noteworthy page?). Do we need to build a separate Integration build, or just freeze a daily build? Looking for low overhead for this milestone - Freeze Monday night's build, everybody download it and test their components for sanity. If no glaring problems are found (or fundamental build breakage), freeze that as a Milestone build, publish on Eclipse as an "integration" build.

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