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ECF Conference Call 9.23.2008



Move to runtime

  • Stay with CVS for use of ECF in p2/platform makes subversion usage more cumbersome. It may be possible to use Subversion for components of ECF in future.
  • See ECF Migration to Runtime Project to verify new module structure and that all necessary existing modules are to be copied over. Make changes to page if things missing or wrong.

Automated testing

  • Ted and Markus are talking about changes to build to do automated testing.

2.0.1 service release

  • Contribution to Ganymede 3.4.1 service release complete. After Ganymede service release Scott will do a build for ECF download page.

2.1 Minor Release

  • See ECF/Plan for 2.1. Also Scott would like to introduce plugin. *See /cvsroot/technology/org.eclipse.ecf/plugins/ and ../tests/

Move of jSLP from sourceforge to

  • Markus and Jan will check with Sharon and then commit jSLP RC5 to ECF repository. After that is complete then build will be updated. Hopefully can happen in time for 2.1.
  • Ask Webmasters if the SVN history can be imported into ECFs CVS along with the code
  • Find out if file headers need to change to refer to EPL
  • Once all questions are answered Markus will adjust do the actual code migration and ping Ted about the build adjustments necessary
    • The bundle file name will change from jslp-osgi-VERSION.jar to ch.ethz.iks.slp-VERSION.jar (like in Orbit)
    • Bundle-Vendor:
  • The runtime move page needs to be updated too

Planning for ECF 3.0

  • See ECF/Plan for 3.0.
  • Need to restructure ECF features for easier (p2-based) consumption. See Reorganize/restructure ECF Features on ECF/Plan for 3.0.
  • COMMITTER ACTION: All committers review ECF/Plan for 3.0 and report to mailing list whether their area and availability matches plan with what is there. Scott needs input on the plan so that he can construct an xml-based plan that is reasonable/rational given people's availability for ECF.

Other News

  • Scott has been/is working on p2-enabled equinox runtimes for use within servlet containers and soon we would like to add discovery (using jslp and/or zeroconf) to p2-enabled webapps as well as Eclipse/clients.
  • ESE Demos should be on people's minds. Definatly discovery, remote services, shared editing, and presence/IM should be included.

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