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ECF Conference Call 9.18.2007


Scott Lewis, Ted Kubaska, Remy Suen, Mustafa Isik


Shared Editing API(s)

Getting Cola Editor Into ECF 1.2

Modifications to Editor/UI Code

Scott identified the need to separate the code that connects to the ECF generic server from the Cola protocol code (that uses the ECF datashare API). If this logic is separated, it allows the Cola editor to run unmodified upon multiple transports (e.g. XMPP, ECF generic, JMS impls, etc).

Over next few days, Scott will look refactoring to separate these concerns (synch logic and container creation code) in the cola editor plugin. If others can contribute to this, please email Scott.

Changes/Fixes/Improvements to Cola

The Cola work currently does not support

  • Multi-character insert/delete
  • Multiple (> 2) participants

Over next few days, Mustafa is going to focus on adding support for multi-character insert/delete. We will *not* focus on multiple participants until after ECF 1.2.

Beginning work on shared editing APIs

It would be desirable to have an abstract set of shared editing APIs, that was independent of the type of editing (e.g. text editing, graphical editing, xml editing, for example). Mustafa suggested that it would be valuable to have at least two editing domains (e.g. text and graphical editors) in order to pick the right set of abstractions. The cola work is based upon text editing, and so we're going to revive the prior work on an EMF/GEF-based graphical editor to use also in creating a new ECF shared editing API(s).

Remy and Scott are going to send pointers to the work on graphical editing: 1) the whiteboard example, and 2) the EMF/GEF-based editor, done by Boris Bokowski and Peter Nehrer.

Integration of XCDE work

Integration tasks

  • Get XCDE running on Eclipse 3.3 (originally written on 3.1). This may already be complete.
  • Get XCDE running on ECF datashare API
  • Examine XCDE synchronization logic, UI features, and research papers to understand what would be best to incorporate.

Bug Progress

See the following list of pending bugs. Committers: Please assign yourself relevant bugs.

ECF will participate in BugDay for September 2007.

I would like to reduce the ECF bug backlog for the 1.2 release, so committers please peruse the bugs listed above and assign bugs to yourself that you can deal with. Scott will also go over bug list again and triage/prioritize and assign to ECF committers.

Build Progress

Ted is nearly ready to introduce an automated build for the ECF OSUOSL plugins...i.e. those at hosted ECF's OSUOSL Server. Then these plugins will have a daily automated build, along with those hosted at

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