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ECF Conference Call 8.7.2008


  • Scott Lewis, Markus Kuppe, Jan Rellermeyer, Marcelo Mayworm, Roland Fru


Release Schedule

Release Planning

  • See Release 2.1 tentative plan
  • See Release 3.0 tentative plan
  • Note: Due to change from Board, all projects have to have an xml plan in place by mid-September. See bug 215301
  • COMMITTER ACTION: All committers review 2.1 and 3.0 release plans, and calibrate enhancements/fixes for expected availability for work on ECF project during next release year (Now to Galileo release). If there are things that you are able to accomplish but are not present, please add them (and put name by them). If there are things that are there and within your perview that you cannot accomplish please raise appropriate flags on wiki page and send notes accordingly to ecf-dev at mailing list.

Runtime Project Move

  • As it turns out, we do *not* have to do a move review, as this has already been done as part of the Runtime Project's creation review.
  • Now we have to coordinate/do the project organizational move...update web docs, etc.

Other Pending Tasks

  • Automated testing in build
    • Markus Kuppe to help with adding automated testing, as he has been doing this recently for Versant


  • Scott to Investigate questions for EMO, Equinox, p2
    • Jan has agreed to move jSLP over to Eclipse Foundation hosting. What is involved in IP?
    • Can ECF move to subversion?

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