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ECF Conference Call 8.14.2006


Scott Lewis, Pete Mackie, Remy Suen, Pierre-Henry Perret, Mustafa Isik, Roland Fru

Meeting Agenda and Notes

BB API Review and Incorporation into ECF

Scott will ask Chris Aniszczyk and Peter Nehrer to take lead on reviewing work by Erkki Lindpere with the goal of eventually incorporating the BB API and implementation into ECF codebase. Here is the ecf-dev mailing list entry where Erkki announces his work. Scott will contact Chris A and Peter N to see if they are able to review and work with Erkki on remaining items. See also bug # 150756

Google SOC project progress

The three ECF-related Google SOC Projects are going quite well. Everyone that can should get the plugins and try them out.

Marcelo Mayworm: Shared Code Plug-in (SCP)
Mustafa Isik: Real-Time Shared Editing
Remy Chi Jian Suen: ECF BitTorrent Provider

Please see the instructions for getting code and running examples/tests for each project page. Please provide any feedback input to mailing list.

ECF Website (Phoenix) Changeover

Scott is going to work on the content changeover over next few days (Aug 14th and 15th) with goal of having all existing content moved over to Phoenix L&F for 0.9.0 ECF build/deploy (Fri Aug 18th).

Google Support of ECF update

Scott had recent face-to-face and then follow up phone conversation with Chris DiBona (see blog at blog andOSCON Bio). Chris expressed a strong interest in supporting ECF, and Scott and Chris B/Google are currently (8/14) in discussions to determine the form of the support. It's clear that much of Google's emphasis will be on ECF's work with VOIP and Jingle Support and Shared Editing and real-time collaboration additions to XMPP.

ECF 0.9.0 Build/Deploy

ECF 0.9.0 build is currently scheduled for Thurs, Aug 17 8pm pacific time and deployment for Friday 8/18. This build/deploy will include primarily bug fixes, IRC provider, and revised (Phoenix) web site content.

Any Open/Pending Issues

Scott will be away next week, so next ECF conference call will be Monday, Mon Aug 28 at 1200 Pacific, (1900 UTC)

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