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ECF Conference Call 7.24.2006


Scott Lewis, Pete Mackie, Mustafa Isik

Meeting Agenda

0.8.9 stable build Mon, July 24, 2006

  • Scott and Pete will do ECF 0.8.9 stable build/deploy 8pm pacific time

Google SOC project progress

  • Mustafa and Scott discussed the integration of Mustafa's work on the operational transform code to using the ECF XMPP provider for sending/receiving messages. Scott is going to provide Mustafa with pointers into the use of the shared object API...which the xmpp provider implements. Mustafa has created more documentation here describing the resolution approach for divergent state situations.
  • Marcelo (Shared Code Plugin) has created more documentation here for how to get, build, and run the Shared Code Plugin

Website phoenix changeover

  • Pete and Remy have the Phoenix template pages running here. We will use this server ( as a shared area for testing the work on transitioning the ECF content to the Phoenix look and feel.

Any Subproject Issues

  • Scott and Roland have now engaged the [Java Jingle] team lead (Alvaro Saurin alvaro.saurin at and will be working with him to a) test the Java Jingle implementation against the ECF Asterisk server running at; b) implement the Call API using the Java Jingle implementation

Website phoenix changeover

Pete Mackie and Remy Suen have begin working with the project phoenix templates.


  • Scott is doing booth duty and ECF demos for the Eclipse Foundation on Wed (noon-2pm pacific), and on Thurs (2pm-4pm pacific). All ECF committers and contributors are requested to notify Scott if they have previous contributions or new contributions that they would especially like demoed at OSCON.

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