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ECF Conference Call 5.12.2009


  • Scott Lewis


Galileo Release Schedule and ECF


In the Galileo Simutaneous Release, ECF is a +2 project...which means that we have dependencies on two other Eclipse projects: the Platform, and EMF. In the Galileo calendar this would ususally mean that we would make our contribution to Galileo on RCX +2...which is on Tuesday of every week starting with RC1.

Since, however, we contribute our filetransfer plugins to the Platform, we are also a +0 project. As per the discussion in bug 275327, we are going to make *one* contribution for each release candidate, and that will be done on the *Wednesday before the Platform RCX +0 release*. So, for example, for the Platform's RC1+0 release, scheduled to occur on Friday, May 15th, we will give our contribution on *Wed, May 13, before 8pm Eastern time (i.e. 5pm pacific)*. This will happen every week until Wednesday, June 10th...when we will make our final contribution to the Platform RC5+0 build (to occur on Friday, June 12th).

To summarize:

  1. ECF will make it's weekly release candidate contribution to both the Platform and Galileo on Wed of the respective week, starting Wed, May 13 and ending Wed, June 10.
  2. Note this means that all fixes intended for a given release candidate have to be in by Wed at ~8am pacific time (when we do the Wed build), in order to make it into that week's RC. Please *do not* plan on any commits on Wed of every week *after* 8am pacific time. Only emergency fixes will be allowed on Wednesday between now and June 10.
  3. Ted Kubaska, Pierre Henry Perret, and I/Scott will be doing the necessary things on the given Wed to make the contributions to Platform and Galileo. Please contact one of us in advance if something further has to be done with the build (e.g. changes to feature/map files, etc).

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