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ECF Conference Call 5.10.2010


  • Scott Lewis, Markus Kuppe, Sebastian Schmidt, Harshana Eranga Martin


Apache Zookeeper Contribution

  • Markus will request a waiver from the RT PMC so that the Apache Zookeeper contribution can be added to Helios. Once the PMC has approved the waiver we will add the zookeeper feature to the org.eclipse.ecf.remoteservice.sdk feature, so that it is included in both the ECF SDK, the Helios contribution, and the SOA package.


  • Harshana is going to work on the ECF 3.3/Helios New and Noteworthy, and from that we will construct the ECF slideware for the Helios project review. The Helios review docware (slides and N&N) are due Friday, May 28 according to this cross-projects mailing list entry. Thanksindadvance to Harshana for his willingness to help prepare the review materials.
  • Sebastian Schmidt is reporting good progress with the ECF Wave provider work for his Google Summer of Code Project, and is requesting review. See this bug for status and for information on accessing the code.

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