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ECF Conference Call 4.14.2009



  • Scott Lewis, James Sugrue, Markus Kuppe

Remote Services/RFC119 Implementation

  • See bug 249240
  • Scott and Markus will work out the last issues of multiple notifications from multiple discovery providers (e.g. jmdns, slp, etc).
  • We have implemented an IRemoteServiceContainerFinder API, that allows plugins that publish an IRemoteServiceContainerFinder to be involved in the proxy creation for an IServiceEndpointDescription. This can be

used by other plugins to customize the runtime behavior of the proxy creation for a given IServiceEndpointDescription.

  • Example applications, test code, docs needed. All ECF committers: Please do what you can

Real-Time Shared Editing

  • Mustafa, Remy, Marcelo report progress. Mustafa will arrange for a separate call

Twitter UI

  • James Sugrue gave a report on twitter work: He (James) has built an RCP app that provides access to the twitter service via ECF's twitter provider. This work is now available in the repository at the OSU OSL Lab: The bundle is called plugins/org.eclipse.ecf.provider.twitter.ui.hub. This is a really exciting app, and we will move toward including it in some distribution for Galileo, and promoting it via the Eclipse Foundation/Ian Skerritt.


  • Remote services feature addition? Yes, we will introduce a remote services feature, and the ECF SDK will be made to depend upon this new feature. There's currently a feature: org.eclipse.ecf.remoteservices-feature in the releng features area that we will modify and improve before adding to build.

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