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ECF Conference Call 4.02.2009


Scott Lewis, Philip Konradi, Thomas Kiesslich


RFC 119 implementation

  • Status of CQ for "jSLP-based RFC0119.DISCO"?
  • Further proceeding with unit-tests for "RFC0119.DISCO"?
  • Status of CQ for "file-based RFC0119.DISCO"?
  • How to proceed with multiple discovery providers in ECF 3.0?
  • Should MODIFIED-ENDMATCH Support be part of ECF 3.0?
  • Discovery based on Java Interfaces not (yet?) possible with ECF 3.0!
  • Who provides the notification of new or deleted services in ECF 3.0?

Galileo Releng

  • .api_description
  • Need everyone to contribute to fixing test cases for Hudson build

RT Shared Editing

  • James Sugrue
  • Opportunities coming out of EclipseCon

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