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ECF Conference Call 2.3.2009


Scott Lewis, Markus Kuppe, Ted Kubaska, Marcelo Mayworm


State of Work on RFC119 Support

  • See wiki page Impl of RFC119
  • Meetings with Siemens people (?). Meeting being planned.

Work on M6

Discovery IDiscoveryContainerAdapter Future implementation removed from core.util


Expect to run both existing builder and Buckminster builder until Galileo. Ted will be moving new machine (ecf3) to OSUOSL soon.

EclipseCon Planning

  • Room sharing Hyatt Regency

Other Issues

James Sugrue- I'd like to talk a little about shared editing. I'm trying to add it into an RCP application at the moment. Can't make it to conference call though.

Scott to contact Mustafa, James, Marcelo, Remy for coordination.

Scott to setup meeting with Jeff McAffer, Marcelo, Scott, Markus, Jan to discuss scenarios for supporting Jeff's demo.

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