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ECF Conference Call 2.17.2009


  • Scott Lewis, Markus Kuppe, Marcelo Mayworm, Jan Rellermeyer, Phillip Konradi


OSGi RFC119 Implementation

Toast Demo at EclipseCon 2009

  • Discovery
  • Remote Services (provisioning, remote control)
  • ECF Apps: Twitter notifications, Remote playing of MP3s, IM/Chat, VOIP, Others?
  • Scott will send login info and Toast CVS access info to Jan, Markus, and Marcelo.

EclipseCon Tutorials, Talks, Demos, and ECF Book Work

  • Markus has made a draft copy of tutorial slides in ECF CVS at /tutorials/EclipseCON 2009/Distributed OSGi - The ECF way.fodp. Also see bug 265187.

Sync API/Docshare

Scott and Marcelo will contact Mustafa about reengaging in preparation.

Automated Test Infrastructure

  • ACTION: All committers please go here , create a login for yourself (please use your CVS username), and address the any test cases that are failing...that you can address.

Filetransfer API/Implementation Work

  • Henrich Kraemer has started contributing to the file transfer API work with apache httpclient. For example, see bug 263613.


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