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ECF Conference Call 2.15.2010


  • Markus Kuppe, Ted Kubaska, Achmed Aadel, Wim Jongman


  • Zookeeper discover
    • Markus is going to create an account for Achmed and set up the repo for the new Zookeeper discovery provider
    • Achmed/Wim will upload the Zookeeper code to OSU and start working on an IDiscoveryProvider
    • If possible we will shot for inclusion in Helios if we can still manage to get it through IP clearance in time
  • ECF 3.2
    • Ted and Markus will arrange for a dedicated ECF 3.2 release preparation meeting
    • Work items:
    • Include OSU as part of the continuous build
    • Automated tests
    • We need to know:
      • What needs to be tested manually and how?
        • [slewis] Anything we can...i.e. any of the org.eclipse.ecf.tests. RE: how...I suppose until we have build/based/automated tests then some of us just have to run them in our local workspaces (which is what I've been doing).
      • Who is going to create the ECF 3.2 branch in CVS?
        • [slewis] I will unless someone else would rather. One question is: when? I was anticipating sometime Wed, Feb 17.

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