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ECF Conference Call 10.2.2006

Scott's Happy Announcement

Scott is going to be consulting full time for the next few months, and part of that relationship will be work on ECF as project lead and committer (yea!). This will allow Scott to work more freely on ECF and allow him to push ECF more effectively toward 1.0. It will also allow him to attend Eclipse Summit Europe

Getting ECF to 1.0

Getting ECF to 1.0 has 3 major sub-parts:

  1. Completing API work for
    • core: org.eclipse.ecf
    • presence: org.eclipse.ecf.presence
    • datashare: org.eclipse.ecf.datashare
    • fileshare: org.eclipse.ecf.fileshare
    • discovery: org.eclipse.ecf.discovery
    • call api:
    • remoteservice api: org.eclipse.ecf.remoteservice
    • bulletin board api: org.eclipse.ecf.bulletinboard
    • pubsub api: org.eclipse.ecf.pubsub
  2. Implement providers, test code, and exemplary applications for all APIs
  3. Documentation: Particularly overview and tutorial documentation

Deploy already-developed application contributions as more complete ECF example apps

  1. Shared Code Plugin
  2. RT Shared Editing

Move VOIP/call API forward

The call API should eventually provide a protocol independent API for accessing both call setup/signaling, and voip data delivery. Roland Fru and Pierre-Henry Perret are working on implementing Jingle signaling protocol, and a Jingle call data delivery API. Currently the call API only exposes semantics for signaling, and even for signaling the API is not yet complete (needs additions/changes). The call API itself also must be enhanced to support the data delivery needs for VOIP (e.g. codec support, etc). Roland, Pierre, and Scott, need to coordinate with one another on the work: a) Call API additions/changes; b) Jingle signaling provider impl; c) Jingle data delivery API and provider.

Move shared editor and shared code frameworks forward

The shared editor work is a very compelling application space for Eclipse and the many commercial editors now appearing. Same is true for shared code search capability. In both cases, ECF can serve a role to enable lots of commercial applications that provide for collaboration in editing and team-based search.

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