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ECF Conference Call 10.18.2010


  • Scott Lewis, Markus Kuppe, Wim Jongman, Roland Fru


ECF 3.4

  • We will shoot for following schedule:
    • ECF review on Oct 20 with Eclipse Foundation
    • Scott will send out email to ecf-dev asking for no pushes to master for the coming week (until Release_3_4 branch can be made and build updated...eta: 10/24/2010).
    • Markus and Scott will make Release_3_4 branch on 10/23/2010...and after that master will be opened up for pushes (in mean time, with git in place we can all create local branches and merge them into master after Release_3_4 branch is created)
    • ECF 3.4 release will be set for 10/29/2010


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