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ECF Simrel Plan for Mars

Contact: Scott Lewis

Derived from SimRel/Simultaneous Release Requirements

This document defines the plan for participating in the yearly Simultaneous Release.

Current ECF Releng Needs to Complete a Release

  • Complete build of appropriate version via the R-HEAD-sdk.feature project on the ecf builder. Once this build has completed successfully, there will be a new directory of same name as is specified by the parameter given when starting the R-HEAD-sdk.feature build in ECF's staging directory at ECF's download area is in 'rt/ecf' so the staging directory is in 'rt/ecf/staging'. For example, for version 3.9.1 specified as the version when starting the R-HEAD-sdk.feature build, there would be a new directory in 'rt/ecf/staging/3.9.1'. Within this directory will be a directory name site.p2, which contains the built and signed version of the ECf p2 repository, as well as a zip of the entire repo named (for example):

The ECF download URL is of the form:<ecf area>/

Mandatory Requirements for SR Participation

The requirements and conditions stated in this section are the basic minimum required for a project to claim they are part of the yearly Simultaneous Release. Some of those are required to be completed earliy in the release cycle.

Action Who When Finished
State Intent Scott M4
Formal Plans M4
IP Documentation and Logs (RC1) RC1
Integrate Early and Often RC1
Communication Wim/Scott M4 Done
Required Bundle forms and formats Build RC1
Re-use and share common third party code Wim RC1
Provide optimized p2 repository Build RC1 Done
Branding RC1
Do No Harm RC1

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