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ECF/Contributions/Setup IDE

Setup Your IDE

To provide patches to ECF, create an Eclipse account, get your Gerrit password and push your changes to the Gerrit git repo.

Create an Eclipse Account

Create an Eclipse Account (or use your existing one)

Sign the CLA

Sign the CLA

Get your Gerrit password

Get your Gerrit password

Clone the GIT repo

Clone the following repo

 C:\>git clone

Start Eclipse

Open your Eclipse IDE and open the Git perspective

Add local Git repo

Add a local Git repository and find your freshly created repo

Configure Gerrit

Open Remotes/origin and open the context menu. Select Gerrit Configuration.

Ecf ide1.png

Review and press Finish

Ecf ide2.png

Import Projects

Now you are ready to import the relevant projects. Import the projects that you would like to change.

Ecf proj 1.png

Run Eclipse

To run Eclipse with your new code included, create a new run configuration and press Run

Nebula ide3.png

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