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ECE 2019 Che Theia Summit

Eclipse Che and Theia Contributor Summit

The Eclipse Che and Theia Contributor Summit brings together core developers, plug-in and extension developers, users of Eclipse Che and Eclipse Theia, and people enthusiastic about cloud development tools.
Hear about the state of the art of Che and Theia, and discuss the future roadmap of the projects with the core developers.

Organizer Names

  • Martha Benitez, Red Hat
  • Tim deBoer, IBM
  • Sven Efftinge, TypeFox

Organizer Comments

The Call for Participation closed on September 9th and acceptance notes went out on September 16th
Thank you everyone for your participation!


9:00 Introductions, progress
9:30 How Codewind extends Che [John Collier]
10:00 Break
10:15 Integrating custom debugger in modern hosted/web IDE using Debug Adapter Protocol [Andrea Zaccaro]
10:45 Improving Che's Extensibility [Elson Yuen]
11:15 Break
11:30 Che Roadmap [Mario Loriedo / Stevan LeMeur]
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Life of a Theia Widget [Anton Kosyakov]
14:30 Towards an Open Extension Registry & Marketplace [Sven Efftinge]
15:00 Break
15:15 Migrating Classic SAP WebIDE to Theia [Ido Perez]
15:45 Hosting your custom Theia IDE on [Moritz Eysholdt]
16:15 Break
16:30 Complete software design loop with Theia and Trace Compass [Bernd Hufmann]
17:00 Theia Roadmap [Sven Efftinge, Anton Kosyakov]
17:30 End


  1. Martha Benitez
  2. Tim deBoer
  3. Sven Efftinge
  4. Stevan LeMeur
  5. Florent Benoit
  6. David Festal
  7. Sun Tan

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