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EATOP Getting Started

This tutorial will guide you through the development of a simple application based on EATOP. The resulting application is quite simple (1 class, 2 projects, few extension point contributions). However, thanks to the power of EATOP, it is really functional. To get started, we are going to configure EATOP to obtain an enhanced couple of navigator and form editor, that allow to navigate efficiently into models and open individually any model element.

Open EATOP perspective

In the main menu, select Window > Open Perspective > Other, and then select “EATOP”.

Create a EATOP project

  1. Open menu File > New > EATOP Project and click Next >
  2. A dialog box invites you to name the project. You can set the EATOP release used for the project by selecting “Alternate Release” and by choosing a release in the list or decide to use the “Workspace default release”. Click on Next.
  3. Click on Finish.


Create a EATOP file

  1. Right click on a created EATOP project, open menu New > EATOP File and click.
  2. A wizard invites you to name the file. You can name the file or choose to keep the default name "default.eaxml". A “EARoot” package can be automatically added into the file by selecting “With an EApackage” in the “EAPpackage Creation” section.
  3. Click on Finish.


Create a EATOP object

  1. Open EATOP explorer view.
  2. Expand project composition and EATOP file.
  3. Double click on EATOP element below the EATOP file. The project editor view is opened.
  4. Expand elements, right click on an element, e.g., “EARoot”. Open menu New Child > Element > FunctionBehavior, and click on it. You should now see a new Functional Safety Extension element below the selected package.


Edit EATOP object properties

You can modify any of the project elements by using the editor and the properties tab displayed below the view. Open the EATOP file with EATOP editor.

  1. Expand project elements and select one element. You can see the properties of the element in a tab below the editor view.
  2. Change the value of the field “Short name” in its properties. Once your modification is made you can observe that the name of the EATOP object changed in the editor view.
  3. Each time you modify or add elements in the project a star appears in the top label of the editor view, which means that modification has been made but not saved. To save modifications simply click on the disk item in the top menu toolbar or use “ctrl+s” shortcut.


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