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When a new Eclipse version is released, we need to update the target platform, setup and the web page. Following steps need to to be done:

Update target platform

Update Oomph setup

Apply following changes to the Oomph setup file:

  • Add a new repository list item to EASE/Core Framework/Modular Target/${scope.project.label}. Best copy the previous one and adapt the download locations.
  • Change EASE/Core Framework/ to reflect the newly created target
  • Apply the same two changes to the Modules Development node

Now commit all changes using the bug entry you created in the beginning. Cross your fingers that the gerrit builds work. In case they break, we need to manually review the target platform for changed/missing/broken dependencies and fix them. Most errors are caused by new bundle versions with a higher version number. This can easily be fixed by updating the affected manifest files.

Once working, merge the changes to the master branch.

Update Jenkins verification builds

  • Create a new Jenkins job to verify the previous target definition. So if you upgraded from 2020-03 to 2020-06, create a job Use one of the other* jobs as a template.
  • In its pipeline definition, there is a Test step. Make sure to copy the correct target from the previous targets folder.

Update webpage

  • update the download site and add a new row to the compatibility matrix. Make sure to reference the jenkins verify job just created before.

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