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New and noteworthy

  • Rhino debugger improvements: watch expressions, variable hovers, improved variable type information
  • Script Shell: Improved variables drop-in, icons for result types, <undefined> type for javascript
  • Modules: consistent documentation guaranteed by build process


New and noteworthy

  • Py4J support
  • Unittesting Framework now allows for test classes and supports python PyUnit style tests


New and noteworthy

  • Improved integration of Groovy and JRuby engine for installer
  • New keyword mechanism for more script interactions
  • Properties view to edit keywords locally
  • Egit module support


New and noteworthy

  • Improved integration of Jython engine for installer
  • Code completion support in shell and editor
  • Help hovers for Java classes and methods


New and noteworthy

  • New Script Unit Test framework
  • Integration of API help
  • Improvement of module help pages


New and noteworthy

First release of EASE project

  • Rhino script support
  • Nashorn script support
  • Rhino JavaScript Debugger
  • Run/Debug targets
  • Interactive Script Shell
  • UI Integration for scripts
  • Modules for basic UI and resource manipulations

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