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XWT Visual Design Editor (VDE)

What is XWT VDE ?

XWT VDE is a new generation Visual editor based on declarative UI - XWT. It is part of e4 project. It is defined for non software programmer.

XWT VDE has rich features, some of the features are list as following:

Key features: - WYSIWYG edition
- Support of SWT and JFace
- Support of XML edition with the code completion
- Tabbed Properties View
- Tree view wth DnD support, copy/paste and Undo/Redo
- Support All layouts
- Data Binding edition


Hello, world!

The demo demonstrates the powerful tools XWT VDE provide you, such as WYSIWYG editor, Tool Palette, Outline, Wizard, Preview Feature etc.

Xwt hello world.jpg

Click here to watch the flash video demo

Property Page

Here is a simple example which demonstrates the powerful properties setting tool.

Xwt properties.jpg

Click here to watch the flash video demo

Event Handling

This example illustrates how to use the XWT VDE tools to implement the event handling feature (XWT support to separate the UI and event handling to 2 parts).

Xwt event.jpg

Click here to watch the flash video demo

Data Binding

XWT VDE provides you an powerful tool to set the Data Binding between controls.

Xwt databinding.jpg

Click here to watch the flash video demo which demonstrates the Data Binding Tools.

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