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E4/Self Hosting

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This page is obsolete
Eclipse 4.0 development concluded in July 2010. See Eclipse4 for details.

As we move into the end-game, it's important to prioritize the issues so we have a good idea about what will and what might not be fixed.

We ask that you do not edit this wiki page directly, at this point. Please add Boris and Susan to the CC list of any bug you think should be on the list, with a comment like "This bug should be a P1 (or P2, or P3) on the priority list."

See here for information about developing the compatibility layer.

Workspace recovery

If in the event that the SDK gets into a state that it will no longer start on your workspace but starts on a new one, you may want to try resetting the state of your workbench by deleting the deltas.xml file.

  • workspace/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.e4.workbench/deltas.xml

Issues List

This list is not a complete list of work to be done. High priority items represent issues that impede a user's ability to use Eclipse 4.0 as an IDE. Lower priority issues describe missing (non-critical) function, missing polish, etc.

This list will serve as the "polish" list as we work our way through the Eclipse SDK 4.0 end-game.

P1 - severe

This is the "stop-ship" list. It includes missing function in everyday editing scenarios.

  • NPEs thrown when switching between a dialog and the WW, or between dialogs. bug 315270 (Mainstream scenarios have been fixed)
  • Remove the keys preference page or otherwise indicate clearly that it is not expected to work bug 317299

P2 - major usability/functional issues

These items are in priority order. The items earlier in the list cause a poor first impression, so they are listed first.

P3 - usability/functional issues

  • Implement e4 minimize/maximize behavior bug 302758
  • Minimizing non-active stack sends it to trim but then also activates it bug 315807
  • Minimized stacks don't properly track opening / closing views bug 316484
  • View tabs have no context menu - can't make it a fast view bug 317207
  • Minimized stacks not visible on restart bug 317506
  • Key assist doesn't work bug 317201
  • QuickAccess missing features in 4.0 bug 320020
  • Perspective switcher docking behavior bug 314163
  • Toolbar flashes when switching between views in the same stack (windows only) bug 317623
  • JUnit fast view / hidden icon no longer shows progress bug 318866
  • Splitter area between part stacks is too small/shadows should be included bug 308487
  • Variables view refresh problems bug 317602
  • Splash screen taken down too early bug 320021

P4 - minor usability/functional/polish/productization issues

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