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Meeting Title: E4 Resources meeting
Date & Time: Friday Oct 31, 2008 at 1500 UTC / 11am EST / 8am PST
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Canada and US Toll Free: (866) 740-7083
International Dial-in: +1 (702) 696-4217 (more numbers here)
Conference ID: 613 277 0037 #


  • Wind River - Doug Schaefer, Martin Oberhuber
  • Freescale - Serge Beauchamp
  • Embarcadero - Kenn Hussey
  • Google - Terry Parker
  • IBM - John Arthorne, Szymon Brandys, Pawel Pogorzelski, Chris Recoskie
  • (Regrets: McQ)


Feel free to edit, but not during the meeting

  • Provisioning complete - AI Doug to copy over 3.x CVS Repository
  • Async discussion:
    • swung towards a generic discussion about infrastructure for async...
    • for resources specifically, there is no clear need for async since there's not an enormous amount of things going on in parallel.
    • Async might help requiring less locks, but that might be possible with sync API as well
    • Async requires clients to think about "what to do while waiting", but makes the API harder
    • Result: dont change APIs unless we have clear requirements that require some change. Change only what needs to be changed.
    • Unifying async APIs on a single pattern would still be good in order to avoid steep learning curve with different async frameworks... Martin suggests discussing this with Scott Lewis, Pawel Piech and perhaps Equinox guys on the mailing list
  • Resource Filters:
    • Serge will provide a patch for resource filters today, for people to look at
    • Want both "exclude" and "include" metaphors for bringing resources into the workspace
    • Terry will look at this (has something similar but wants filtering on resource level)
  • Terry: Making resources more lightweight
    • Very Interesting, need some profiling... changes here very likely requires E4 kind of breakage
    • Lazy Resources as proposed by Martin
  • Martin: E4 not necessarily needs to break things, but it's a chance for changing client's fundamental assumptions
    • Wants the E4/Resources/Definitions of Terms what is a Workspace discussion revived
    • E4 breakage could be workspace compatibility breakage, i.e. opening an E4 project in 3.4 wouldn't be possible
    • What kinds of breakage will be allowed? - John is in favor of just taking the 3.x plugins, applying Serge's patches, hacking things and trying them out without worrying about 3.x too much -- only 2 milestones left for 3.x feature work.. when bundles are named like 3.10 they can just be dropped into 3.5 for trying out things
    • Copy 3.x CVS Repository files to the new Repository
  • Who's going to do Releng? - Need to discuss on an overall E4 level.

Current work items (master bugs)

  • bug 245412 - Martin: Physically nested projects
  • bug 229633 - Serge: Linked resources with relative path / variable-based; grouping feature
  • bug 84988 - Serge: Resource Tree Filters (going to create a new bug)
  • bug 233939 - Martin: Alias Management for symlinks
  • bug 253705- Szymon: Support for "branched" file systems (EFS for iSeries)
  • Remote File System: Chris Recoskie (currently releasing PTP, will jump on e4 later)
  • Lightweight Resources: Terry Parker (need profiling, will broadcast results)
  • Faceted Project Framework: Kosta (Doug to look at it)
    • Might be a path towards the idea of "Resource Views" with filtered notifications / improved working sets
  • Metadata: Sharing/Linking/Inheritance of project settings? Pluggable Project Persistence? What to do for Build stuff
    • John: Markers, Session Properties, Persistent Properites, Preferences... all of them have different pros and cons. Some of them have deltas. Large ones to go into persistent info. AI John to put together quick descriptions of these concepts on the E4/Resources/Definitions of Terms page

Action Items

  • Old items from Last Meeting: E4/Resources/Meeting/17-Oct-2008
    • (canceled) DougS Strawman API -- since we're working in incremental mode, there is no master strawman api
    • (canceled) talk a bit more about the delta mechanism and the IResource layer -- we're focusing on incremental work that we need
  • New Items
    • Ok green.gifJohn to send list of interesting plugins to Doug. ( see list)
    • Ok green.gifJohn to add description of Marker, Properties, etc to E4/Resources/Definitions of Terms page.
    • Doug to create provisioning plan E-Mail (mon or tues). Copy CVS files to the new Repository. Check committer list and ensure Serge is an E4 committer.
    • Serge to create bug + attach patch for Resource Tree Filters and inform others
    • Ok green.gifSzymon to create bug for EFS iSeries work
    • Terry to do some Resources Profiling and let others know about results

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