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Visual Studio

Slickedit seems like a clone of visual studio

  • .wpj file holding project contents (file list) and attributes
    • files are listed with project-relative paths
  • .wsp file holding list of related projects only
    • with wsp-relative paths
  • Easy to use (just dbl click the wpj or wsp; drag&drop files into project)


See Netbeans C/C++ Tutorial.

  • "nbproject" folder holding all project info
  • files are listed with project-relative paths
  • supports importing from "Makefile" or "Configure"

Freescale CodeWarrior

  • As Visual Studio, every file in the project are links to actual file system file, with virtual groups to rearrange them.
  • Files are listed with project-relative paths, compiler-relative paths or source tree- relative paths. A source tree is a custom variable that the user can set either in the project settings or in the global settings.
  • When new files are added to the project (with drag and drop or the "Project | Add Files..." menu), the user can choose relative to what the files should be recorded.

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