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E4/Meeting Minutes/Status 20131031


  • Wojciech
  • Dani
  • Paul^2
  • Eric
  • John


EPP packages still having JRE problems on Mac Looking at problems with rendering on split views Nearly ready to declare M3, last minute smoke testing

Thoughts on planning process

  • Would like to avoid having to repeat the process every year
  • Nice to have a Dashboard so we can see our progress. For now, only have Platform UI/Plan/4.4/Milestones.
  • Like the idea of weighting the input. So instead of simply summing n, we would sum 2^n
  • We would always need to include the SR2 work when doing our planning
  • We should make the planning take place the first 2 weeks right after we declare SR1

Some potential problems with the current approach

  • Current approach generated a lot of emails - perhaps use tags to scope the bugs initially so the only emails are for bugs that are accepted. This reduces churn, but the downside is you can't tell if a bug you are interested in was accepted for consideration, only if it was actually accepted
  • Planning was pretty late this year, which can interfere with momentum

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