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E4/Meeting Minutes/Status 20130124


  • Dani
  • Bogdan
  • Paul2
  • Mike
  • Curtis
  • Eric
  • Brian
  • John


  • Looking at three last bugs left for 4.2.2
  • A fourth bug that was believed fixed has been reopened and the patch may need a small change (bug 394517). This was verbally debugged in the meeting and there is a candidate fix in Eric's head.
  • Next week is Kepler M5. For the most part this is still the same as the Juno maintenance branch
  • Investigating bug where part is trying to remove listeners from active window during shutdown
    • getActiveWorkbenchWindow non-null during shutdown in IDE, but it is null in an RCP app
    • It is a bad client coding pattern
  • bug 387475 if part throws exception during init it is not handled correctly
    • Fix in Kepler but defer for Juno
  • bug 296599 PDE JUnit doesn't currently work on pure e4 applications because TestableObject lives in the workbench. Possible to fix for Kepler by publishing TestableObject as a generic service rather than a Workbench singleton.
  • Resurrected ppc-32 to support people still running it (e.g., Karaoke machines).

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