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E4/Meeting Minutes/Status 20121213

Attendees: Dani, Curtis, Tom, Paul, Bogdan, John


  • SR1 performance fixes patch is done and we will be announcing it shortly
  • EclipseCon 2013 program announced with strong Eclipse 4 content from both contributors and adopters.
  • We briefly discussed whether to split stream development of e4 tools, so new model editor enhancements could be used in the Juno stream. Typically we only develop the latest tools against the latest release, but new tooling releases usually support developing applications that target older platform versions. Paul can manage the work of splitting the development from the build perspective, but committers need to decide if they want to take on the work of working in multiple streams.
  • John raised the possibility of graduating some e4 tooling into PDE for the Kepler release. The tooling doesn't need to have API, it just needs to be solid and valuable for people building Eclipse 4 applications. It seems at least the model editor and CSS spy fit into that category.
  • Paul is enabling Gerrit for e4. All changes will need to flow through gerrit but committers can +2 a change to release it without additional review.
  • Paul still busy on CBI build. Looking at last remaining issues, such as source features not being signed. Will be switching focus back to Juno SR2 fixing shortly.
  • Welcome to Paul Elder who is coming on as a new full time contributor from IBM

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