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E4/Meeting Minutes/Status 20121004


  • Dani
  • Paul
  • Bogdan
  • Eric
  • Oleg
  • John
  • Brian


  • Investigating and resolving leaks for Juno SR2
    • Editor open/close looking good now
    • One outstanding renderer leak but very small
    • Single context leak showing in profiler but can't find source
  • Planning council decided against further EPP packages based on 3.x.
    • Good discussion, no denying severity of problem some are seeing
    • Strategic direction and long term support firmly committed to 4.x stream
  • Performance tests coming online slowly
  • Had conference calls and screen sharing with several end users to demonstrate the problem
    • Still trying to track down a magic configuration difference to enable us to isolate/reproduce the problem
  • Investigating page book view leak problem
    • Change in team history view in 3.8/4.2 seems to introduce a leak for certain team providers (Perforce for sure).
  • Outline view flickering in 4.x when switching tabs in a page book view
    • Might be a platform event change we can make to minimize that
  • State of our unit tests - needs work
  • Consider using Gerrit for consuming/reviewing contributions
    • We will look at turning it on for M3

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