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E4/Meeting Minutes/Status 20120517

  • Mike
  • Oleg
  • Brian
  • Eric
  • Bogdan
  • Paul
  • McQ
  • John


  • Fixed selection tracking for non-active parts
  • Investigating context leak problem - likely defer to 4.2.1
  • Looking at problem with duplicate menu items in Jubula
  • Problem with source menu in XML editors
  • Rewriting icon loader for windows to handle icon containing PNG.
    • Branding tools can only handle BMP
  • Adding transparency to drag handle image so it looks better on all platforms
  • Still working on EMACS key binding bug.. deferred to RC2.
  • Doing prep work to support CBI build
  • Updating readme, doc, N&N
  • Fixes to build and test infrastructure
  • Problem with Variables and Breakpoints views being empty

Plan for next week

  • Next week is RC2
  • Can still make fixes but need two reviewers
  • Test day this Friday

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